Welcome to Network Administrators

Network Administrators offers a wide range of services for your business. Domain names, Website hosting, Network troubleshooting, remote network management, new workstation setup, server support, offsite backups and email issues are just some of our specialities.

Servers & Networking

Virtual Server, Network Attached Storage (NAS), UPS – Server Rack, UPS – Vaccine Fridge, Network Switches

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Desktops and Laptops

All In One Desktop, Convertibles, Tablets, Ergonomic Stand, Monitor Ultrabook

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Printers and Scanners

Multifunction, Document Scanner, Printer

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Security Software, Office Productivity Software, Backup Software

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Service Agreements

AD-Hoc Schedule, Network Maintenance Schedule, Disaster Recovery Schedule, Hardware Rental Schedule

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NBN plans

NBN Plans

Data and Voice, PBXaaS, IP Telephony

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